Information for Parishioners

September 2017

Lining your food waste bin – information from Borough Council website

It is important that food waste is wrapped or placed in a bag when putting it into the outdoor bin as this helps to prevent food waste from sticking to the bin and keeps the bin cleaner.

Changes to the way that the food waste we collect is processed mean that you can use any of the following to put your food waste in or to line your bin:

  • plastic carrier bags
  • old fruit or vegetable bags
  • cereal box liners
  • any polythene bags
  • newspaper
  • or you can continue to use any compostable bags you may have

Bins that contain food waste that has not been wrapped or placed in a bag may not be emptied by the collection crews.

Please note, as there is no longer a requirement to use compostable caddy liners, we will not be stocking them for sale.

Consultation on help  with Council tax

The consultation for the 2018/2019 Council Tax Support scheme is now open and can be found at ctsconsultation

Public consultation that is being run by NHS England and NHS Clinical Commissioners on Items that should not routinely be prescribed in primary care

You are invited to read more and have your say at consultation/items-routinely- prescribed

The closing date for responses is 21 October 2017.

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