Minutes of Meeting of Welney Parish Council

Tuesday 05 June, 2018 at 19.30

The William Marshall Centre, Hurn Drove, Welney PE14 9SD


Tel: 07731 157935

e-mail: clerk@welneypc.org.uk



Present:  – Councillors                                                             M. BARKER (MB)

  2. DENYER (DD)
  6. HOWARD (LH)


Parish Clerk                                                                             D. LAWSON (Clerk)

Public                                                                                      10

BCKL&WN district representative                                          David Pope



Meeting Housekeeping Announcements


Chair opened meeting and alerted members of public that there were no confidential matters identified on the agenda.




n/a                  n/a


  To receive & accept Members’ Apologies for Absence


  Apologies presented in email by GR

As no reason was provided to accept apologies there was no

reason for members to accept apologies.






  To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest


1. KG as chair of Williams Marshall’s Charity.

2. GR, PE and LB on the William Marshall’s Charity Trust.

3. PG is Chair of RUG.

4. DD is Chair of William Marshall Centre management


5. PE as member of RUG


It is recommended that all members sign a general declaration of interest as residents of the parish. Clerk to obtain wording.













  Public Participation


1.      No Police or County representatives present.

2.      Members of the public started dialogue concerning build

quality of the community centre, but were informed by Chair

that this subject is not within the remit of the Welney Parish

Council and must be debated only in the appropriate forum.

3.      Member of public mentioned WWT “Project Godwit” and agreed to forward details of same to Clerk for distribution to members.

4.        4.   Data re community centre – agreed that it needs to be

5.        posted on web-site

6.        5.   Mention of visit by Norfolk Cricket Club chair for spot

7.        check of ground and statement that ground in not in a good

8.        State. Question – can management team get together to take

9.        action? Chair stated that matter is under control. (Is this really

10.    Welney PC business?)












LG & Clerk




  Ouse Washes


2 representatives from the Ouse Washes project gave a

presentation on the planned works for 2018. The main points:

·        the locations for the car park and offices from previous works will be swapped

·        members of the public will be able to ask questions at the site office

·        cordoned off areas need to be respected to permit new growth to bind soil on banking

·        exceptions cannot be made for special interest groups

·        there will be a help-line available

·        the public are free to ask questions at all times or go on the web for more information

·        there will be a weekly drop-in facility for the public

·        public liability remains the guiding principle with respect to limitations



  BCKL&WN Representative


David Pope provided update on current thinking with regards

to possible alternatives for electoral reorganisation of Norfolk

into new unitary structure/s, stressing that a single unitary

authority for the whole county is perceived in West Norfolk as

not being in the best interests of West Norfolk’s electorate.


DD posed question to BCKL&WN representative re housing, as

the parish is willing and able to see the Borough repurpose

properties to provide homes to those in need and it is

believed that there are BCKL&WN properties in the parish that

are empty currently and that could be made available.






  To approve minutes of previous meeting – 01 May 2018


Minutes of 05 May 2018 meeting proposed, seconded and

approved with all in favour



  Introduction of Co-opted Member – Lee Howard


Lee Howard (LH) introduced to parish as newly co-opted



Register of Interests form provided to LH for completion and

signed Declaration of Acceptance form received to place on


















  Annual Return


Approval of Assets Register

Exemption Certificate for External Audit

Internal Audit Report

Annual Governance Statement (for AGAR)

Approval of Statement of Accounts (for AGAR)


The Clerk alerted the meeting that the current state of the

records prevented the production of the annual return (AGAR)

in the manner required by legislation.


Consequently, it was moved to request the Clerk to approach

the external auditors to request an extension of the deadline

to allow time to identify the locations of the source data

required to produce the year end accounts. Proposed,

seconded and all in favour.















8   Clerk’s Report & Parish Council Administration  

Clerk’s Report


Clerk reported that technical problems with email resolved and slow progress was being made with assimilation of responsibilities. Intention is to take on updates of web-site and maintenance of accounts ASAP.



Parish Council Administration


1.     Signatories – changes now active

2.     Co-option of new member – done

3.     Co-option of second new member – dependencies on due process to alert public of opening

4.     Standing orders – actions still required by members; so must remain as open item for next meeting

5.     Financial Regulations – no changes

6.     Complaints Policy – more work required; so must remain as open item for next meeting

7.     GDPR Policy & adherence – more work required; so must remain as open item for next meeting.

8.     Insurance – agreed in principle to renew, pending clarification on question regarding committing to pay for future financial periods – this is not strictly WPC business – should it be removed from WPC minutes?   

9.     IT equipment – members were reminded that a decision had been made previously to acquire equipment for the Clerk and not necessary to vote again. Clerk to follow up with members.

10.   Email policy & passwords – more work required; so must remain as open item for next meeting. Clerk needs to prepare a policy paper for review and approval. General guideline will be that passwords will be available in sealed envelopes to permit recovery in the event that Clerk ceases to be contactable for whatever reason in order to guarantee business continuity for the parish.













LB & Clerk





All & Clerk




9   Finance & Bills for Payment  

  Bills for Payment


Previously agreed bills remaining unsettled due to change of signatories – cheques signed:

·         BCKL&WN = collection from dog waste bins @ £ 329.47 incl VAT

·         Norfolk ALC membership charges @ £168.44 incl VAT


Agreed bills awaiting clarification from BCKL&WN regarding relevant lawful powers:

·         BCKL&WN = annual Upwell car park maintenance contribution in advance for 2018/2019 @ £150.00


Agreement re payments in future – to remain on agenda:

·    to add payment for web-site (if not related to trust business) 

·    to add payment for SAM2 post (£150 for post and bracket)


New payments to approve:

1.      Westcotec 8796 of 09/05/2108 for street lighting @ £111.12 plus VAT @ 22.22 = 133.34



  Expected Receipts


VAT Refund of about £7k is expected. Clerk to report arrival

when access provided to bank account for on-line inquires.

Action remains open. Clerk to consult with LB




Clerk & LB


  Authorised signatories & bank mandates – update


Authorised signatories now activated on account, meaning

restrictions should stop.

Clerk to request information pack from bank as to how the

parish council can use bank facilities remotely. The members

will need to assess the options and move a motion for the

service options the parish wishes to adopt. For parish financial

management the ability to receive statements electronically is

the most important service.









  Matters Arising

(See also Section 11)

1.      Precept received as cleared funds

2.      Parish Plan vs Neighbourhood Plan – deferred for discussion at another date

3.      GDPR – amendments to be emphasised in Standing Orders – update on status – LB to provide Clerk updates to reflect Transparency implications

4.      Clerk to follow up with former clerks to obtain parish council paperwork and records

5.      Parish Plan vs Neighbourhood Plan – agreement to defer for discussion at another date

6.      Transparency code – Clerk to be sent a copy prior to next meeting







LB & Clerk








  Village Management – Council Committee & Councillor lead

  on Specific Subjects


  Community Speed Watch – update provided by PG







  SAM2 Speed Monitoring Camera – update provide by PG &


Post for device has not arrived yet. PG to follow up with


New post to be sited opposite St Mary’s Church.


Additional post required and additional payment needed at

£149 + VAT – proposed previously by PG, seconded by MB and

all in favour.

Clerk to write to Police at Downham Market. MB to supply

contact details and information to include in communication.












Clerk & MB


  Highway Matters – update

1.        1.   Parish Partnership cost sharing – Clerk provided

2.        explanation supplied re costs, additional sums to pay and VAT

3.        recovery. Parish must pay total cost, after which Parish

4.        Partnership scheme reimburses the parish with the 50% net of

5.        VAT sum and then the parish recovers the VAT element from

6.        the HMRC in the normal manner. Welney PC must pay

7.        supplier (Wescotec) £3,660.00, after which a refund of £1525

8.        will be made by Parish Partnership scheme.

9.        VAT eimbursement makes up the difference, between £1525

10.    and £1830.


2.      NCC Highways will paint 30 MPH signs on road surfaces as a low cost trial to ascertain if this reduces speed through the community.


3.      Vegetation growth is a potential safety issue – letters from KG and DD (possible to include remedial action in Ranger activities)



Flood warning services – no update


Another meeting still needs to be scheduled and added to the







  Pot holes – 2 located opposite Hurn Drove


Agreed that photos of both should be taken for forwarding to

NCC Highways. (who is taking photos and sending to Andy




  Grass Cutting – non-playing field


Road safety – lines of sight, visibility of road signage and

barrier – this is primarily an issue with the grass at the base of

the signs  – who is cutting grass?








  Drainage grill – Hurn Drove – non-playing field



Events in Welney – update

Clerk to place event info on web-site.




Clerk & LB


  Footpath funding for March Road  – to remain on agenda and

  to receive update from MB.


Costs of footpath indicated at +/-£14k. Clerk to obtain details

from MB to permit preparation of options for members to

vote as approved.





MB & Clerk

12   Correspondence  

  Correspondence – incoming


There was nothing from Correspondence that required actions

that are not covered elsewhere under other sections recorded

in these minutes.



  Correspondence – outgoing – Open item list of actions for

  Clerk and members:


1.      PG requested that Clerk should write to Inspector Mark Cant at Downham Market Police Station to report SAM2 data with average percentile speed to request that the Beat Officer visits Welney on a regular basis to enforce the 30mph limit. (Note – MB will be able to provide Clerk with the data from SAM2)






PG & Clerk





  Planning Matters – The following planning applications are to

  be considered as part of consultation process:

1.      Ref 8/000934/O – site of former Three Tuns PH on which it is proposed to construct 4 dwellings. Approval was proposed, seconded and all voted in favour. 18/00934/O

No further applications notified that could be considered in time for posting the agenda.







  Items for Next Agenda


·            B/f item – payroll service quotation – comparative fees for

·            additional serviced provider required


·        annual return – is it possible to complete

·        transparency

·        GDPR

·        LED street lighting

·        Ranger visit

·        signage

·        staff contract of employment (statutory requirement)

·        staff engagement process (forms of identity, etc.)

·        staff payroll

·        extra costs in relation to preparation of annual return

·        staff IT equipment














  Next meeting = 03 July 2018 @ 19.30


    Meeting closed at 21.40  



Signed ……………………………………………………………………. Date ……………………………………..

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