Minutes of Annual Meeting of Welney Parish Council

Tuesday 01 May, 2018 at 19.30

The William Marshall Centre, Hurn Drove, Welney PE14 9SD


Tel: 07731 157935

e-mail: clerk@welneypc.org.uk



Present:  – Councillors                                                             M. BARKER (MB)

  2. DENYER (DD)


Parish Clerk                                                                             D. LAWSON (Clerk)

Public                                                                                      4



  Election of Chairman for the year 2018/2019


Chairman for 2017/2018, GR stood down as Chair in traditional manner to start election process.


Names for Chair for 2018/2019 proposed, but only one name was seconded to permit voting to start.


Paul Edmunds was elected by majority as Chair for the 2018/2019 period.  PE took his position as Chair.


GR tendered his resignation from the Parish council with immediate effect, stating resignation will be confirmed in writing and left the meeting.


LB requested it be placed on record that it seemed to him, based on information received, as if members had predetermined the outcome of the election process in advance of election.


n/a                  n/a

  To receive & accept Members’ Apologies for Absence


 No apologies to record.



  To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest


1. KG as chair of Williams Marshall’s Charity.

2. GR, PE and LB on the William Marshall’s Charity Trust.

3. PG is Chair of RUG.

4. DD is Chair of William Marshall Centre management


5. PE as member of RUG

6. KG with regards to 00718/ PACU3 – Change of use from

agricultural building to  dwelling house – (Croft Farm, Wisbech

Road, Tipps End)


It is recommended that all members sign a general declaration of interest as residents of the parish. Clerk to obtain wording.
















  Election of Vice-Chairman for the year 2018/2019


Chair proposed PG and proposal was seconded by KG. Vote

was carried for PG to act as Vice-Chair.


LB objected to PG’s nomination, raising question re possible

conflict of interest that could exist because PG is also a

member of RUG when there is a commercial relationship

between RUG and the Parish Council. Clerk to seek

clarification re conflict of interest, but believed that this can

be handled through the standard declarations on interest













  Introduction of New Parish Clerk


Doug Lawson introduced to parish as newly appointed Parish

Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).


LB as former acting clerk will support clerk during transition

phase and members will be available to clerk for information.






LB & All other members



  Election (Co-option)into vacant Councillor post


Prior to meeting it had been identified and agreed to co-opt

1 additional member to the Parish Council. As a consequence of the resignation of the outgoing Chair 2 vacancies existed and there were 2 candidates available, but regulations stipulate that only 1 candidate was permitted to be co-opted. This limitation invoked a secret ballot vote on the candidates.

Lee Howard was voted onto Parish Council by Chair using casting vote. Clerk to confirm appointment in writing and obtain his acceptance on formal documentation.


Other candidate will be contacted by Clerk to ask if she remains interested for co-option after permission has been obtained from BCKL&WN to co-opt another member.


Clerk to organise co-option with BCKL&WN to ensure lawful formalities are respected.






















   Public Participation


   Matters discussed:


·        Building report

·        Fence

·        VAT recovery



  Comments from District/County Councillors


No District/County Councillors present


8   Reports from Village Charities  

  William Marshall Charity


   KG presented report – documentation available on request






  Bishops Land Charity


KG presented report – documentation available on request






  Playing Field Charity


  Chair provided explanation of costs






  Confirm minutes of the preceding meeting/s


To approve the minutes of the meetings – Extraordinary

Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 17 April, 2018 and

the  Parish Council Meeting held on held on Tuesday 03 April,



The members approved both sets of minutes, subject to confirmation of injection of correction to previous draft of Parish Council Meeting. Chair signed both sets as correct to place in official records.













  Matters Arising


1.      RUG contract – signed copy received and to be placed on file.

Clerk to follow up with former acting clerk to obtain copy of contract for records.

2.      Parish Plan vs Neighbourhood Plan – agreement to defer for discussion at another date

3.      GDPR – amendments may need to be emphasised in Standing Orders

4.      Archive session – DD provided explanation as to intention for event:

·         Collection of material

·         Promotion for event

·         Option in future to place on-line, in part or in full,  if permissions can be obtained to use some material

·         Statement that Welney News images can be made available










Clerk & LB




  Finance & Bills for Payment


It appears that the Precept for 2018/2019 has not been

received from information presented on bank statements

when received on 10 April, 2017 for 2017/2018 period.




Clerk & LB


  Bills for Payment


All payments with exception of BT Broadband service proposed, seconded and voted for payment, because BT invoice is deemed as part of the infrastructure of the Community Centre and is therefore not a cost carried by the Parish Council, but by the Trustees for the Community Centre.


Agreed bills for payment:

·    BCKL&WN = collection from dog waste bins @ £ 329.47 incl VAT

·    BCKL&WN = annual Upwell car park maintenance contribution in advance for 2018/2019 @ £150.00

·    Norfolk ALC membership charges @ £168.44 incl VAT


Agreement re payments in future:

·    to add £5 to cover cost of SIM for phone for Clerk

·    to add payment for web-site

·    to add payment for SAM2 post (£150 for post and bracket)



  Expected Receipts


VAT Refund of about £7k is expected. Clerk to report arrival.






  Authorised signatories & bank mandates


There is a technical problem, because the Parish Council does

not have an adequate quantity of authorised signatories in

place, following GR’s resignation.  This problem obstructs the

payment of bills.


Clerk to source new mandate forms and communicate with

members to have paperwork completed properly. Proposed,

seconded and voted that Chair, Vice-Chair and Clerk be added

to authorised signatories. Former Chair to be removed from

signatories as soon as can be made possible.


Clerk requested to investigate options for on-line banking

service from Barclays.


Clerk alerted members to complexities that can exist when

trying to amend signatories.









Clerk & PE + PG









1.      Ouse Washes – works starting in July 2018 – Clerk to respond with invitation to make presentation as part of June meeting to permit members to understand better what the impact and benefits will be.


2.      Member of public re speed of traffic through Welney:


PG reported that he had arranged a meeting with Andy Wallace of NCC Highways on 2nd May to review traffic management within the 30mph section of the A1101 Main Street/Wisbech Road, following set of exchanges already on the subject.. Measures could include painted 30mph signage on the road surface and possibly some double white lines along the centre of the carriageway as the road bends past The Lamb and Flag Pub.

PG requested that Clerk should write to Inspector Mark Cant at Downham Market Police Station to report SAM2 data with average percentile speed to request that the Beat Officer visits Welney on a regular basis to enforce the 30mph limit.

(Note – MB will be able to provide Clerk with the data from SAM2)


3.      BCKL&WN – Change of address notification.


4.      BCKL&WN – Confirmation that no election required to fill vacant post for councillor.


5.      HMRC – change of VAT reference number notification.


6.      Came & Co – advisory not re liability for claim concerning damage to fence.


7.      Trustees of Welney Playing Field charity – request for grant for grass cutting


8.      Letters re planning application – 4 received






















Clerk & PG


13   Council Committee and Councillor lead on Specific Subjects  

  Community Speed Watch


·     2 sessions during April 2018

·     New members joining – 3 new members have joined the Welney Speed Watch Team, making a total of 11.


The Welney team will be taking part in the Norfolk County wide Impact Day planned for Saturday 5th May.



  SAM2 Speed Monitoring Camera


New location required for SAM2 device.


New location required. New post to be sited opposite St Mary’s Church.


Additional post required and additional payment needed at

£149 + VAT – proposed by PG, seconded by MB and all in




  Planning Matters


00195/FM – Proposed development of 17 residential

dwellings, including 3 affordable units, with improved

vehicular access to Main Road – 02 February, 2018

(land north of Grange Farm, Main Street) – members provided

comments to BCKL&WN on this application on 20 February,



00700/F – Alterations to roof and fenestration of existing side

extension – 17 April, 2018

(High Hill House, Main Street  ) – members  supported

application – proposed & seconded with all in favour


00718/ PACU3  – Change of use from agricultural building to

dwelling house – 17 April, 2018

(Croft Farm, Wisbech Road, Tipps End) – members rejected

application – proposed & seconded with all in favour. Reasons

given = too many letters of complaint from local residents

when members were unable to view details of planning

application, due to lack of signal.


Clerk to provide feedback to BCKL&WN Planning on both new




























  Highway Matters


Report provided on flood warning services.


Agreed that another meeting needs to be scheduled and

added to the agenda


Clerk to consult with PG re payment for 2No direction signage

posts for William Marshall Centre that can be subsidised

50/50 through Parish Partnership Scheme and that

requires £175 + VAT for Welney PC as its share of cost. One

sign to be erected at the top of New Road. The other at the

end of Hurn Drove.









Clerk & PG


  Items for Next Agenda


·        annual return

·        co-option of new member

·        flood warning services

·        pot holes

·        grass cutting

·        drainage grill opposite Hurn Drove



  Next meeting = 05 June 2018 @ 19.30


    Meeting closed at 21.30  



Signed ……………………………………………………………………. Date ……………………………………..

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