minutes for August Meeting of Welney Parish Council

Tuesday 07 August, 2018 at 19.30

The William Marshall Centre, Hurn Drove, Welney PE14 9SD


Tel: 07731 157935

e-mail: clerk@welneypc.org.uk




Present:  – Councillors                                                             P. GARDINER (PG)

  1. BARKER (MB)
  2. HOWARD (LH)


Parish Clerk                                                                             D. LAWSON (Clerk)

Public  (MOP)                                                                         8

BCKL&WN district representative                                          D. POPE



Meeting Housekeeping Announcements


Chair opened meeting and alerted members of public that there were no confidential matters identified on the agenda.




n/a                  n/a



Urgent Business – election of Chair & Vice-chair


As the result of the resignation of the chair it was necessary to elect a new chair.  


PG proposed as chair by LB and seconded by LH – all in favour

MB proposed as vice-chair by LB and seconded by LH – all in favour


Chair proposed a vote of thanks to former councillors Paul Edmunds and Donna Denyer






  To receive & accept Members’ Apologies for Absence


  Apologies presented in email by GR

Apologies provided by members with reasons that were

accepted for KG


Apologies received from 2 BCKL&WN Cllrs.


Chair requested that clerk write to Cllr Humphreys to request

his attendance at a Welney parish meeting, as the current

Members have not met him yet.












  To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest


1.      PG is Chair of RUG.

2.      LB in relation to William Marshall charity





  Public Participation


1.      No Police or County representatives present. Clerk to continue to try to make contact with the Police to have an officer attend to provide an update on matters of interest to Welney, as it has been too long time since a representative of the Police service has provided an update on local policy as it impacts Welney.

2.        2.   MOP asked why agendas and minutes are not available on

3.              the parish web-site. Clerk explained that this was not

4.              Possible until the day before the meeting, as the Clerk had

5.              not received the codes to access the web-site before this

6.              date.

7.        3.   MOP asked if there was going to be another significant

8.              increase in the precept following the large increase for the

9.              current year. Chair explained that there appears to be no

10.          need to alter the level of the precept and that spending

11.          remains within budget.

12.    4.   MOP asked if there is an intention to establish some sort

of neighbourhood watch scheme. In response it was

explained that this had been tried previously, but that it

had lost momentum. The Clerk reminded the meeting that

to relaunch such a scheme requires Police involvement

and that the Police holds the budget. Clerk to add to items

to discuss with Police

13.    5.  MOP informed meeting that the Welney News is being

14.          relaunched

15.    6.   MOP raised point that yet again the Trod improvement has

16.          Been deferred yet again

17.    7.   MOP asked if annual accounts had been made public. Clerk

18.          explained technical issues preventing publication.

19.    8.   BCKL&WN representative confirmed that revised boundary

20.          changes appear to be in finalised state




































  To approve minutes of previous meeting – 03 July 2018


Minutes for July 2018 meeting proposed, seconded and

approved with all in favour



  Administration re new member –  all forms now completed



  Annual Return (AGAR)


Clerk explained that there is a basic technical problem and

advice is awaited from auditors as to the way forward. Until

this problem can be resolved the annual return will not be



8    Clerk’s Report & Parish Council Administration  

   Clerk’s Report – as result of resignation of one of the

   councillors the procedure for monitoring incoming post needs




Parish Council Administration

1.  Closure of employee engagement process for clerk (formal offer, contract of employment, set up on PAYE scheme, timesheets, additional hours for WPC accounting problem analysis) – unable to complete due to changes of members

2.  IT equipment – LB provided list of agreed items to procure and explanation of funding to Welney Parish Council as a result of application for funding for transparency. Clerk to contact vendors to identify if WPC can pay by cheque for ordered items or if other payment method is required.

3.  Co-option of new members – Clerk explained the process and delays as advised by BCKL&WN democratic services unit. Clerk to arrange to have notice posted for public.

4.  Bank accounts – following resignations mandates require an update. MB to be added as signatory.

5.  Completion of transfer to trust administration & formalities – discussed briefly and agree to defer to next meeting, as legal opinion is required






















9   Finance & Bills for Payment  

  Budget vs Actual position & funds available   Clerk provided

  brief summary of current position, stating that after first 3

months of current year that expenditure is well under 25% of

budget and current projection means that some funds should

be available at year end to start to provide the recommended

operational reserve.






  Bills for Payment – List of bills to pay circulated – All items to

  pay were reviewed and authorisation to pay voted.05/

9.3   Financial Regulations – no update/s or changes to report  
10   Standing Orders  – no update/s or changes to report  
10.1   SOs – GDPR & adherence – no update/s or changes to report  

  SOs – Complaints Policy – no update/s or changes to report



  Village Management – Council Committee & Councillor lead

  on Specific Subjects


  Community Speed Watch – PG provided update


There is no apparent improvement in speeding and it remains

an issue. As it is summer holiday season Police resources are

spread even more thinly. Camera due to be relocated on 10



11.2   SAM2 Speed Monitoring Camera – update –   35k vehicle movements in single direction as average monthly total.  

  Highway Matters – update


Parish Partnership (PP) scheme – for local highways improvements – bids to be submitted by 07 Dec 2018 – with regards to funding for footpath to connect main settlement to community centre in March Road and Application for a loan to fund the other £14,000


PG proposed accepting 50% PPS grant of £14,000, seconded by LB and all voted in favour. Balance of funding to be provided by PWLB loan.

PG proposed applying for 50% loan of £14,000 on 10 year term from PWLB, seconded by MB with majority voting in support (1 abstention)


Clerk to ensure paperwork is submitted to avoid loss of NCC funding.


Other options under discussion included:

·    improved street lighting using LEDs – Option is no longer available for PP support in current business year – WPC needs to identify the level of preparation that is required for the future

·    “gates” to mark boundaries of settlement on principal routes – Members agreed to defer option as a lower priority.

















Clerk !!


  Highway Matters – new discussion points & actions for clerk:

1.      to contact NCC Highways (Andy Wallace) to inquire about rolled kerbs for speed controls at strategic locations.

2.      to inquire about repairs to pavement on New Road

3.      to inquire about long-term options for LED lighting

4.      to contact NCC Highways re condition of Wash Road, as it seems to be in condition that will result in collapse


11.5 Flood warning services – update – nothing to report  
11.6   Pot holes – update – nothing to report  
11.7   Grass Cutting – update – nothing to report  
11.8   Drainage grills – update – nothing to report  

Events in Welney – update:

·    September event cancelled

·    Barn dance raised £600


12   Correspondence – List circulated at meeting.  

  Planning Matters – The following planning applications are to

   be considered as part of consultation process:

1.       18/01299/F  – Variation of condition 1 of Prior Notification of 17/00718/PACU3: no objections


Feedback – proposed development of 17 dwellings north of

Grange Farm. PG provided update from Planning Meeting in

King’s Lynn with news that consideration of application has

been deferred. Clarification required as to why IDB objects to

footpath – Clerk to write to IDB requesting reason.












  Items for Next Agenda:

·        co-option of new council members

·        road safety for villagers

·        frequency of WPC meetings


15   Confidential items –there were no confidential matters  

  Remembrance preparation – Clerk to contact Donna Denyer

  with regards to order for wreath/s and arrangements for

Remembrance and Armistice events (11 November falls on

Sunday this year)


17   Date for next meeting = 04 September, 2018  
    Meeting closure time = 21.10  

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