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6th January 2020

Our previous Clerk, Mrs Austin, is no longer employed by Welney Parish Council. For Council, Trust, or William Marshall Centre contact details please see column on right. This site will be re-constructed and updated during the next few months.

The Parish Council covers the civil parish of Welney.   In 2001 there were 415 people aged 18 or over on the electoral roll, living in approximately 208 dwellings. The total population in the 2001 Census was 520.

The Parish Council consists of eight members elected every four years. In May 2015 9 persons stood for the election and 8 were successfully voted into office.

The Parish Council are Sole Trustees of the Welney Playing Field Charity which runs the Playing Field and the new William Marshall Centre off Hurn Drove.

The Welney Archive and Social History Committee of the Parish Council was formed in 2006 to collate an archive of the village history. This includes photographs, documents and any relevant information. A local lad was appointed as archivist, and the Committee was successful in obtaining funding from Awards for All to purchase IT equipment to assist with the archiving of the material.  It is hoped to hold a further Open Morning during July/August 2011 and this will also be an opportunity for the Parishioners to meet the Council and to use the event as a Village Forum.

The Council is responsible for a limited range of local services such as street lighting, the bus shelter, village sign, Parish notice boards and for the emptying of the dog waste bins.  It also provides a channel for representing local views to the Borough and County Councils and the local Member of Parliament, Miss Elizabeth Truss. It is also consulted by the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk on planning applications within the Parish The Parish Council appoints nominative Trustees to the two local charities, Marshall’s Charity and the Bishops Land Charity and these nominative trustees do not have to be councillors.

The Council employs a part time Parish Clerk who is responsible for the Council’s administration, finances, agendas, minutes and general correspondence. In January 2008 the Clerk was successful in achieving the Certificate in Local Council Administration.

Ordinary Council meetings are held in the William Marshall Centre off Hurn Drove on the first Tuesday of every month, starting at 7.30 p.m., with the Annual General Meeting taking place at the May meeting. The Annual Parish Meeting is held at 7 p.m. before the Parish Council meeting in March.  Additional meetings are held as and when necessary. The Public may attend all meetings, but can only speak during the Public participation section on items that are already on the Agenda . Agendas and dates of all meetings are displayed on the Notice Boards situated around the village as well as on this new website.   The Council’s budget for the year 2017/18 is £10, 699 (£10,339 Precept and £360 Council Tax Support Grant allocated to Welney). The amount needed is raised by setting a “precept, a tax on all residential property in the Parish. It is collected for the Council by the Borough Council. One of the major expenses for the Parish Council is street lighting, which now costs approximately £1,700 per year. The figure includes maintenance and electricity supply. The Parish Council  Insurance premium for the year commencing June 2016 were approximately £1,727,  Administration overheads amount to approximately £3,500. Minor expenses include annual grants to the Church,

In November, 2004 the Parish Council received a donation of £3,841 from the Gala 2004 organising Committee to help towards replacing the dilapidated play equipment at the Playing Field. This is being held in a High Interest Account which is gaining interest.  A copy of the Parish Council Annual Return is available (usually during October/November) once the accounts have been subject to internal audit and annual audit by the Audit Commission and copies of the Annual Return are published on the Parish Council website.

In January 2005 the Council set up a steering group to oversee the New Parish Action Plan, which after much hard work was completed and a copy circulated to every household in the Parish and which is updated on a regular basis.   The Council have also prepared a Parish Emergency Plan, which has been lodged with the County and District Councils, as well as the Police and all local authorities.

The major achievement for the Parish Council and the Village was the construction in 2016 of the new William Marshall Centre on the Playing Field.  Full details are available under a separate heading.


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