Parish Council Election – 7th May, 2015

Below is the statement of persons nominated for election as Parish Councillors for Welney Parish.  The election will take place on Thursday 7th May, 2015 at The Parish Hall, Welney in conjunction with the Parliamentary Election and the Borough Council elections:

BOMBATA Lanre, Copes Hill Barn, Wisbech Road, Welney

COWLES Heidi Jayne, 33 Chestnut Avenue, Welney

COWLES Kyle Anthony Craig Nicholas, 33 Chestnut Avenue, Welney

EDMUNDS Paul David, Shermal, March Road, Welney

ELLIOTT Joanne Clare, Bluebell Spinney, Hundred Foot Bank, Welney

GILBERT Ray, 1 Brampton Villas, Wisbech Road, Welney

GOODGER Ken, Pates Farm, Tipsend, Welney

PRATLEY Vija Edite, Wryneck Mill, Hundred Foot Bank, Welney

RAINBIRD Graham Anthonty, Beech Cottage, Wisbech Road, Welney.

Dated 10th April, 2015


The following persons were duly elected to serve as Members of Welney Parish Council with effect from 11th May, 2015

BOMBATA Lanre  (117 votes)

COWLES Heidi  (116 votes)

COWLES Kyle  (94 votes)

EDMUNDS Paul  (147 votes)

ELLIOTT Jo  (110 votes)

GILBERT Ray  (104 votes)

GOODGER Ken (146 votes)

RAINBIRD  Graham (92 votes)


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