Welney Parish Action Plan

The Parish Action Plan which was prepared in March 2008 is a 33 page document which is too large to publish on this website.  However if you would like to receive a copy in PDF format, please e-mail the Parish Council at [email protected] and we will be pleased to forward a copy for your information.

In the interests of self regulation, the Parish Council has fully reviewed the Parish Action Plan, as this is a live working document. The Parish Council are always in touch with the NCC Highways Department, Environment Agency, Police, M.P. etc., in an ongoing programme to improve matters for the village, and meetings are held on a regular basis with adjoining Councils in order to raise the profile of Welney. 

The Welney Parish Action Plan – 2012

Update of Categories and Action Points – Tuesday 2nd October, 2012


Major refurbishment of properties in Chestnut Avenue, Welney due to start in January 2013.  This will cause significant upheaval temporarily, and it is known that several families are expected to move away from the village permanently.

Currently opportunities to expand the village are very limited but the L.D.F. is under review.  As a Parish Council we have been pro-actively dealing with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk to maintain a dialogue about certain sites and these dialogues are being listened to.


The ongoing issue of the flooding of the Wash Road and the rising cost of fuel puts increasing financial pressure on these working away from the Village.


There would seem to be a need to ensure that the School facilities are more widely available to the community (Evening classes and events etc.)


There is no longer a weekly clinic held in the Parish Hall nor is it likely that this will be re-established.  It is also known now that residents living on the south side of the Washes need to be registered elsewhere other than at Upwell Health Centre.  The N.H.S. dental treatment is available in Littleport and Downham Market, but no longer so at Upwell.

Sentiments largely unchanged, but increased urgency and scope of lobbying to improve.  Investigate the possibility of a regular surgery at Delph House Care Home.

Public Services

Mains Sewage scheme is up and running but not functioning as it should.  Lagoons are situated in Christchurch just over the County boundary.

Parts of the village are not able to receive Broadband (Hundred Foot Bank Area) and the Parish Council are lobbying Norfolk County Council under the Better Broadband for Norfolk scheme.  Nominal Police/PCSO cover but little evidence of increased coverage other than occasional speed traps opposite the Lamb and Flag.  A bus service still operates to Downham Market on  a Friday and to Wisbech via connections at Three Holes.

The Parish Council continue to encourage involvement by parishioners in village affairs, whilst seeking to keep villagers fully informed of all business conducted on their behalf through the website, and to clearly identify how the precept is spent.

Roads and Transport

The Parish Council are continuing to hold meetings with the Environment Agency and Highways with particular reference to Wash Road and are still trying to get the matter of the flooding resolved.  Flood Gates have been installed on the bridges with telephone numbers.

Meetings of adjoining Parish Councils have been held on a regular basis and cross border issues of roads and transport as well as other concerns are discussed.  A better relationship has been established with Highways and the way in which matters are dealt with.


The Parish Council have now been successful in obtaining planning permission for a new Community Centre to be constructed on the Playing Field off Hurn Drove and are now hoping to obtain sufficient funding to allow the new facility to be built.  A very generous donation of £100,000 has been committed to the project from William Marshall Charity, and the Parish Council are also heading up a fund raising group to organise events within the village which it is hoped the residents will become fully involved with.

A whole day of celebrations was organised to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and despite the terrible weather, those that attended the Parish Hall and the Lamb and Flag agreed that the event was a great success.

Unfortunately some of the village groups have lost some of their members.  The Youth Club no longer exists, and the Womens Institute now meet at members homes because of small numbers.  They do hold two successful events in the Parish Hall each year.  The Friendship Club continue to meet every two weeks, and during the Autumn and Winter Months the local Dog Training Group meet in the Parish Hall.  The Yoga and Carpet Bowls groups continue to meet at the Pavilion, with Cricket Matches during the summer months.

The Parish Council will encourage community life by giving the appropriate support to all individuals and organisation seeking to offer parishioners the opportunity to partake in village based activities.

Parish Facilities

The Parish Hall and the Pavilion continue to be used at present until such time as the New Community Centre detailed under the Social section is able to be built.

It is proposed to incorporate a small children’s play area alongside the new community centre.

Following the closure of the post office, Welney now has the benefit of a Mobile Post Office Van.  Although it is only in the village for approximately three-quarters of an hour in the afternoon, it offers increased facilities – e.g. road fund licensing.

The Welney News Magazine is still flourishing every two months with thanks to Derek and his team – hopefully this will continue for many years to come.

The Parish Council are continuing to look into the possibility of a Community Shop and are in the process of finding out the residents feelings and what sort of help would be available to run such a venture.,

The Field on Sandgate Corner which is owned by the Borough Council was leased from them for use as allotments and a “pocket park” area.  Some allotments were let, but these have fallen in number due to residents moving or having more work commitments,  Negotiations are in hand with the Borough to see what the long term prospects could be for the field.


A new Waste Bin has been installed on the bank opposite the Parish Hall, and this was paid for by the Environment Agency.  It is hoped that this will be helpful in keeping the immediate area much cleaner.  Dog waste can now be included in this bin and eventually it is planned to move the smaller dog waste bin at that site to a different location.

Proposals for a Waste recycling plant and Power Station at Saddlebow near King’s Lynn have been monitored and the concerns and objections of the Parish Council were sent to the Authority.  This matter is now ongoing with no decision made as yet as to the future of the project.

The possibility of clarifying Rights of Way and other routes has to be looked into and also the fact that no cutting of these Rights of Way and footpaths has been undertaken by/or on behalf of the County Council.

Possibility of new woodland or green space within the village.

Expansion of Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust with Lady Fen/Bank Farm and enlarged restaurant proposal.

The Parish Council will explore the possibility of creating and displaying a village map including all rights of way.


Revd. Kevin Fitzgibbon is still Priest in Charge of the United Benefice of Christchurch, Manea and Welney.

The Parish Council continue to make a donation towards the upkeep of the Churchyard.

Parish Future

A public toilet was not considered to be realistic within the Parish.

Several residents expressed a wish to see greater use of the waterways within the area, but the future of this would be in the hands of the Environment Agency.  Consideration could be given to a meeting relating to this.  Also consideration should still be given to a possible merger with Tipps End and Lakes End is residents still considered this as a possibility.



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